[./an understated explosion]

a slight kickback
the silence grew and became something else
an underfed figure chased by hexadecimal daydreams
noughts and ones noughts and ones

swell and contain
the beast ate itself
to continue we must keep what we have
for it will decide us
if it doesn't break us

fight plan exchanged in a roughneck fashion
trimmed at the sides to tuck in neatly
it became something for the occasion
an understated explosion
something only seen from the space between zero and one

long live the silk ties in the corner
they grew there with good intent
soft remorse for nothing but a fallen moment
one that never should have presented itself

backward compatible stories
the time when you lost time
i counted 5
i recounted
i counted 5

well dressed and pleasant mannered decisions
force the baby to cling to the sides
hoping for a cancellation
if not an extension

reach for the something lost
the second-guessing made it quicker
phase and bloom
make sure to give tiny kicks as you raise your head

so much for the smoke before the fire

[./august 2006]

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