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 in between the streetlights my eyes weave following themselves back and forth again like old friends just for the sake of old friendship i hope you didnít go to all this trouble for my sake street lights are screaming they're screaming at me these street lights are telling me something i should believe street lights are screaming their screaming at me street lights are telling me something that i donít wanna believe wallpaper smile fade and you become a ghost only iím the only one scared  and maybe its not fear at all just a coincidence of emotion cause it seems like the right time has really done a number on us so whatís left of us now? just memories and fisticuffs awkward silence reminiscing wasted nights do what you must do just donít do it with me cause i left this game long ago where does this leave us now? no map for this terrain only scratch n' sniff games i put you away in an unmarked box in the attic cause all you are to me now is old stories nothing more, nothing more


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