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Exploring the object as a carrier of narrative, my work involves calling attention to the inherent value in discarded remnants of the past. This encompasses the ways in which we attach meaning to the ‘things’ we’ve accumulated, and how specific objects can inherit and embody the residue of personal history. I work from the intimacy of my own experiences, using keepsake memorabilia as a means to communicate a deeply personal narrative. My relationship with my family features strongly in this exploration, manifesting as a collection of images and stories each containing their own history and subjective meaning. Family photographs, kept objects and other seemingly worthless articles become a visual aid to pinpointing the disparate map of human development. These objects, and the narratives they convey, are representations of real events or encounters, distilled and filtered through the years that have passed between.

Relationships often seem to be made or broken on major events, yet it’s the tiny unspeakable moments that in real life truly shape us. My intention here is to give value to an otherwise insignificant memory, through the physical retention of associated objects.

While these anthological remnants are specific to my own life, they have the ability to translate universally. For the viewer, there is space to consider –even briefly- moments that have become obscured in the realities of everyday living.

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